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Beseech > Albums & Lyrics

Beseech  Photo

...From A Bleeding Heart Album
  1. Shadowscape
  2. Rainbowman
  3. Silverstar
  4. Eagleheart
  5. The Winterflame
  6. In Her Arms
  7. Inhuman Desire
  8. Kiss Of November
  9. Dimension
  10. Moonride
Black Emotions Album
  1. Manmade Dreams
  2. Firewalk
  3. Little Demonchild
  4. Ghoststory
  5. Neon Ocean
  6. Lunar Eclipse
  7. Velvet Erotica
  8. Wounded
Drama Album
  1. No songs listed
Souls Highway Album
  1. Illusionate
  2. Read Between The Lines
  3. Souls Highway
  4. Blinded
  5. Endless Waters
  6. Fiction City
  7. Sunset 28
  8. A Last Farewell
  9. A Season In Green
  10. Gimme Gimme Gimme
From the beginning...

Beseech was founded in November of 1992 in their hometown Borås (near Gothenburg) in Sweden.

Since then they have been deeply involved in the underground-scene. In 1994 they released one song the on Shiver records (Belgium) compilation CD "Sometimes Death Is Better". That compilation established recognition for Beseech at the underground scene in many countries.

In 1995 Beseech released their third demo which led to a record deal with We Bite/Corrosion Records.

Later that year they entered Studio Mega to record "...from a bleeding heart" together with the producer Christian Silver of the band Sundown.
Unfortunately We Bite/Corrosion Records were unable to release the album of economical reasons.

Therefore their publisher (Anders Mörén / Misty Music) helped them to terminate the deal, and started to search for another label. A short while later they received a few good offers and decided to sign with Metal Blade Records.

In April of 1998 the debut Beseech album "...from a bleeding heart" was released on Metal Blade worldwide. To us it felt like "fresh air" to have the album released and at the same time we also started to get different ideas on how Beseech was meant to be sound.

In the end we realized that good music was difficult to create with compromises, therefore Klas, Robert Spånglund (lead guitar), Mikael Back (keyboard) and Jörgen Sjöberg (vocals) decided to continue without the other members.

A short while later Jonas Strömberg (drums) and Daniel Elofsson (bass) joined the band. With this new line-up Beseech became more like a hard working team with the same visions.

After this change Beseech and Metal Blade decided to go separate ways.

After spending some time negotiating with labels, Beseech signed a worldwide deal with Pavement Music.

In the end of 1999 Beseech began to record their new album "Black emotions" and in the beginning of 2000 was the album finished after a long recording. The music has matured a lot and this time there was much time to experiment with different instruments and sounds so the result became a fresh and modern style of gothic metal.

If you compare the new music with our first album "...from a bleeding heart" you will still be able to feel the same kind of melodies and romantic feelings in the music, but in a different and new way.

In June 2000 was "Black emotions" released and the respons were very good from media around the world.

Beseech was also featured with three songs (Manmade dreams, Neon Ocean and Lunar Eclipse) as soundtracks on the B-horror movie "Alien Agenda 5 - Alien Conspirecy" that is released in the middle of 2002 by the canadian moviecompany Brimstone Productions.

With some hard work beseech went on a big european tour with Theatre Of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil from January and whole February 2001.

The tour gave good respons and many new fans discovered Beseech.

Shortly after the tour Jörgen Sjöberg (vocals) left the band due to personal reasons and the search for a substitute began.

But after a while beseech found the amazing singer Erik Molarin, who joined the band, and he has given new dimensions to the songs togheter with Lotta's beautiful voice.

In lack of support from Pavement Music, Beseech managed to leave the label and a new era began for the band.

After recording three new songs, Beseech began to search after a supportive label that could work with this new sound and material.
Several labels showed interest in the new material and in the beginning of 2002 Beseech signed a worldwide deal with Napalm records.

At the same time beseech entered the studio for two month with the recording of the third album "Souls highway".

The coverart for this album is once more an amazing work of Travis Smith.

Keep your eyes open for the new realese, in spring 2002!

Current line-up:

Erik Molarin - Male vocals
Lotta Höglin - Female vocals
Jonas Strömberg - Drums
Klas Bohlin - Guitar/Vocals
Robert Spånglund - Guitar/Programming
Daniel Elofsson - Bass
Mikael Back - Keyboard

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